The New Yadkin Bank

Dear Valued Customer,

As you  may have seen recently, we have proudly announced that Yadkin Valley Bank and all of its divisions (Cardinal State Bank, High Country Bank, Piedmont Bank, and American Community Bank) will be rebranded under the name Yadkin Bank, effective May 28, 2013. When you see the Yadkin sign across the Carolinas, you will know that it represents convenience, superior service, and sound financial advice.

With 34 branches across North and South Carolina, you can bank where you are. You will continue to see the people you know at your local branch, and you'll continue to enjoy all of our convenient products and services. More branches, same roots. Welcome to Yadkin Bank!

We are working to make this a very smooth transition, and we believe you will enjoy the flexibility that comes with having access to more branches and ATMs across the region. Your branch will have new signs and a new look and feel, but your banking relationship with us will remain solid and stable. Please review the quick reference chart below, followed by more detailed information, and then a set of Frequently Asked Questions. After reading this information carefully, feel free to contact your local branch representative with any questions you may have.


J. Rick Patterson
Chief Banking Officer

Quick Reference Guide

You'll always see friendly faces at your local branch!

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Loan Accounts


Deposit Accounts




Debit Cards


Credit Cards


Online Banking


Online Cash Management


Mobile Banking


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Telephone Banking 


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Detailed Information

Loan and Deposit Accounts

You will continue to enjoy the same great accounts and features you have today. Nothing will change with regard to your balances, features, benefits, loan terms, or any loan applications you may be pursuing.


Your statements will continue to be delivered as they are now. If you receive paper statements, you will continue to receive them on the same schedule. eStatements will continue to be delivered electronically through our Online Banking system. If you would like to sign up for eStatements, you may do so at any time by clicking on the Accounts tab in your Online Banking account.


Continue to use your current checks; you do not need to order new ones until you exhaust your current supply. Valid checks will be honored, regardless of the logo displayed on them. The routing and transit numbers will remain the same, as will your account number. When you are ready to order new checks, please contact your local branch or access our check ordering website through the Bank website. The link is located in the top right corner of the home page. New checks ordered after May 28, 2013 will be printed with the Yadkin Bank logo.

Debit Cards

We are excited to offer new Yadkin Bank Platinum Debit MasterCards to all customers beginning May 28, 2013. If you are a current debit card holder, you will receive a new Platinum Debit MasterCard which will replace your current debit card. Your current debit card will be active until you receive your new one. All current debit card holders will be issued new cards between June 1 and September 1, 2013. You will receive a notice in the mail approximately two weeks prior to your card's reissue date.

Please note that this new debit card will include a new card number and new expiration date. If you have any recurring payments set up using your debit card, you will need to update that payment information upon receiving your new Platinum Debit MasterCard.

Credit Cards

Credit cards issued through any of our five banks will all be reissued beginning June 1, 2013. All statements, balances, terms, and payment information will remain the same. Your new card will be printed with the new Yadkin Bank logo, but the card number will remain the same. However, the expiration date and the security code on the card may change. 

Online Banking/Online Cash Management/Mobile Banking

If you currently have an Online Banking, Online Cash Management, or Mobile Banking account with us, all of those services will remain the same. Beginning May 28, 2013, go to, and you will find similar login procedures as you currently use. Your username and password will remain the same, and all of your preferences and BillPay options will remain intact.

Please note that we will be rebranding our Mobile Banking app during the next 90 days. You will receive a notice to update your current app to the new, Yadkin Bank branded version when this process is completed. All functionality will remain the same with our Mobile Banking app.

Remote Deposit Capture

Your equipment will continue to work as it has in the past, and your web login will remain the same.

Telephone Banking

Our TeleBanker24 system will remain the same - the number for our telephone banking will continue to be 1-866-867-9979.

Phone numbers/contact information

While your branch has new signs and a refreshed look, the mailing address and direct phone numbers will remain the same. Your branch representative will be happy to provide you with his or her updated contact information upon your next visit.

In addition, our toll-free customer service line will now be: 1-855-ASK-YDKN (275-9356).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my account number(s) change?

A. No, all account numbers will remain the same. The one exception will be your debit card number, as we are issuing new cards to all debit card customers.

Q. Will my drafts/direct deposits continue without interruption?

A. Yes, any draft, automatic bill pay, or direct deposit option that you have set up currently will continue as scheduled.

Q. Can I receive service at any Yadkin Bank branch?

A. Yes, you can visit any of our 34 full-service branches across North and South Carolina and receive the same quality service you expect from our Bank.

Q. Will the Bank's web address change?

A. Yes. As of May 28, 2013, our web address will be If you have our current website bookmarked, you will need to update your bookmark on May 28.

Q. Will the Bank's toll-free customer service number change?

A. Yes. As of May 28, 2013, you can reach us toll-free between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm at
1-855-ASK-YDKN (275-9356).

Q. Will I receive a new debit card?

A. Yes, current debit card customers will receive a Yadkin Bank Platinum Debit MasterCard to replace your current card. This card will include a new account number and new expiration date.

Q. Will I need to order new checks?

No, you can use your current checks until you are ready to reorder. When you reorder from the Bank's preferred check vendor, your new checks will be printed with the Yadkin Bank logo.

Q. Will I receive a new credit card?

Yes, current credit card customers will receive a new Yadkin Bank Visa credit card through our card provider, Élan. Your account number will remain the same; however, the expiration date and security code may change.

Q. Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A. Please contact your local branch representative with any further questions. You can also check our website,, for more updates and information. Please note that as of May 28, 2013, our web address will be

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