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Want Information on an Existing Mortgage Loan?

While many lenders provide good service during the mortgage process, the level of service you experience after closing is the real measure of lender quality. At Yadkin Bank, we take pride in our high service standards, and you can rely on us to be here whenever you have questions or concerns about your mortgage. We hope you’ll find the information below helpful; however, if you don’t find what you need here, email or call us, or visit your nearest branch office.  

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How do I make a payment?
Yadkin Bank has many options to accept your Mortgage loan payment. Simply call 1-888-311-4011 to set up automatic drafts. Or, you can mail your payment to Yadkin Bank, P. O. Box 4366, Greensboro, NC  27404.

Having trouble making a payment?
If you are having problems making your payments on time, there is help available at 855-874-6629.  Speak with Angela Fulton for available options, or click on "Contact Us" below.

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