Fraud Prevention Services

With fraud on the rise across the country, we are continually seeking ways to protect our business customers and their employees. Some of the ways we do this include the use of Secure Tokens and by offering ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay services.

Secure Tokens

While we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our Online Cash Manager services are secure, your business may still be at risk through weaknesses in your own computer system. Through the use of Secure Tokens, we can add a layer of protection for your employees who approve ACH or wire transfers. 

These Secure Tokens:

  • Protect your personal and commercial online banking session from cybercrime
  • Meet banking and FBI safe banking guidelines
  • Do not impact your existing computer configuration or settings
  • Are refreshed remotely to provide continual up to date protection

ACH Positive pay

Last year, the Association of Financial Professionals conducted a Payments Fraud and Control survey and determined that ACH debit fraud is second only to check fraud. In fact, check writing leads to a majority of the fraud incidents associated with ACH payments, where thieves steal your bank information from the face of the check. 

Paper checks include your business name, account number and routing number and often include your business mailing address and phone number. Thieves can use your checks to obtain this key information and make unauthorized ACH debits from your accounts. If you are a business account holder, you have only 2 days to return an unauthorized ACH transaction, while consumer account holders have 60 days. This short time frame makes it critical for business owners to review their accounts on a daily basis for fraudulent ACH debits. Or, you can be proactive in choosing Yadkin Bank’s ACH Positive Pay to help prevent this type of fraud from occurring and from funds being stolen from your account. 

Advantages of ACH Positive Pay:

  • Enables businesses to set up companies that are authorized to debit the business account and then “block” other transactions. Businesses are sent an e-mail alert any time an unauthorized transaction is being presented on the account. The business can then review the transaction and make the decision to allow the item or have it returned.
  • Integrates with Check Positive Pay for exceptions, allowing users to see one screen of both check and ACH exceptions.
  • Allows for multiple approvers for dual control of exception decisions.
  • Helps reduce the losses associated with ACH fraud. It enables you to take control of your business account and monitor potential ACH fraud. By adopting ACH Positive Pay, you can reduce your organization's risk of ACH fraud losses for your organization.

Check Positive Pay

With millions of checks in circulation each day, businesses don’t have the time or resources to inspect each one. Yet, no one can afford to ignore the fact that some checks are stolen, counterfeited, or altered so that thieves can fraudulently draw on business accounts. Unfortunately for business owners, fraud is usually undetected until after the check is paid. Therefore, the business owner suffers the immediate, and sometimes permanent, loss of cash or profits. 

Preventing Fraud with Check Positive Pay 

Yadkin Bank’s Check Positive Pay service provides businesses with a proactive electronic tool to combat check fraud. As an early warning fraud detection system, Positive Pay arms your business with the information needed to stop check fraud before it results in a loss. 

How does it work? 

From high-tech counterfeit checks to simple forgeries, business checking accounts are targets for those who try to commit fraud or theft. Yadkin Bank’s Check Positive Pay allows businesses to electronically transmit its check register for all written checks to Yadkin Bank. The bank records this information in its systems so that when checks are presented against your business account, the system only pays checks that are listed on the register according to the precise specifications that you indicate – payee amount, serial number, etc. 

If the bank systems detect a check(s) that doesn’t match the information you send to the bank, the check is marked for return and you’re given the opportunity via online banking to review the item before making a “return” or “pay” decision. In either case, you control the decision regarding payment of any “suspicious item.” And, working together with Yadkin Bank, fraud is stopped before your funds disappear.

Advantages of Check Positive Pay:

  • Reduces fraud – We only process what you tell us to, so fraudulent checks are rejected.
  • Saves time and money – It reduces labor associated with manual check prevention measures.
  • Provides convenience – It eliminates the need for you to review and inspect checks for potential fraud issues.
  • Puts you in control – It provides more accuracy and greater control over your cash flow.
  • Offers quick and easy access – You can issue checks and approve Positive Pay exception items from virtually anywhere through Internet access.

For more information on how you can protect yourself and your business from fraud, please visit the FTC Businesses site, which can help your business or organization fight back against identity theft:

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