Additional Treasury Management Service

Payroll Services

Save time, labor and expense by outsourcing your payroll processing. We can help you efficiently process your payroll while assuring your compliance with all regulatory changes and managing all of your federal, state and local tax filings.


Is your company seeking to accelerate the collection of customer receipts and expedite funds availability? Our Lockbox services can process your receivables quickly and accurately.

Yadkin Bank offers a flexible solution for your paper-based collections. Our high-speed processing environment and image-based platform offer you a variety of features, including advanced reporting and image inquiry.

Our services benefit you by:

  • Accelerating collection processes
  • Reducing your days of sales outstanding
  • Maximizing the availability of working capital
  • Improving management of your credit exposure
  • Reducing expenses and saving critical resources

Sweep Accounts

Put your hard-earned money to work for you. With Yadkin's Commercial Sweep account, excess funds in your commercial checking account are automatically swept into an interest-bearing account or line of credit. A target balance is established (the minimum threshold or the amount necessary to offset maintenance and activity charges), and funds are swept into and out of the host account as needed.

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